Weigh filler for powders

Vertical Form Fill Seal machine being demonstrated at an international expo

Robotic bottle filler-
Design: K.J.Sujan

Monoblock systems for
beverages - still and carbonated

Liquid filler for bottles - flow meter dosing

We have designed and manufactured special purpose packaging systems over the last twenty five years. We have now expanded our range to include equipment offered by our collaborators and associates in Europe, and offer:

Liquid fillers- monoblock as well as In-line, linear systems.
Pastes and pulps fillers - ASEPTIC as well as non-aseptic
Powder fillers and packaging machines for containers, pouches, sachets
Bottling lines- washer-filler-capper-labeler combinations
Drum fillers
Bag-in-box and Bag-in-drum systems
No two packaging applications are alike.
The starting point is the product. Get in touch with us for complete lines and an uninterrupted packaging operation.

Robotic In-line liquid filler at Lever plant- Design K.J. Sujan

Rigid container powders filler and capper. - Design K. J. Sujan


French fries- vacuum packed

Aseptic Bag-in-drum filler

Aseptic Bag-in-drum filler

Drum / pail filling system