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MAZDA design and set up, from conceptualizations, the following processing plants…

1. Complete food, fruits and vegetables processing plants.
2. French Fries Plants – IQF Frozen products
3. Tomato Processing Plants- with a new product category (2016) added—TOM-PEPs- Ready to cook
4. Specialised fruits extractions- Pomegranates- Arils, Juice, Concentrates
5. Slaughtered animal products and Processed Meats
6. Sea Food and Rendering plants
7. Aseptic processes, including Packaging

We are tied up with some world leaders in Europe and the US and include, selectively, their specialized proprietory equipment in our complete projects which are set up using our India group manufactured support equipment, at affordable costs.


Our Products

French Fries Plants

Raw potatoes are brought into the plant in the receiving area where they are washed to remove plant material, dirt and stones.

To make the best possible use of the raw materials the potatoes are next sized.


Tomato Process Plants

A complete process plant is a complicated affair. We manufacture some of the equipment, other equipment groups come from our collaborators in USA, Europe and associates in India, all in accordance with customised MAZDA designs...


Pomegranates Processing Plants

Capacities range from 500 to over 1,200 U.S. gallons (1,892 - 4,572 liters) per hour. Unlike other equipment manufacturers in this discipline, our system needs no settling tanks, press-aids, or enzyme pre-treatments. or enzyme pre-treatments.


Food Processing Projects

Scientific horticulture, organic farming, and plasti-culture have thrown up several possibilities for viable projects in the agro-industrial sphere, notably Food Processing in a value chain from farm to consumer super markets.

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Our Projects

All our food processing equipments and packaging machines are built from stainless steels, engineering plastics and other non-corrosive materials. Consulting, design engineering services is our USP and offered as a consolidated package, if opted for.


Our Packaging

All our packaging machines are built from stainless steels, engineering plastics and other non-corrosive materials. Their PLC controls and electro pneumatic robotic systems assure high repeatability and accuracy...