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Our reputation today is the result of over 25 years in the activity in providing packaging solutions and equipment as well the myrad requirements of the food processing industry.

Today we can sum up our contributions in simple descriptive slots...

Food Processing Plants
Potato and Tomato Processing Plants - specialized attributes
Fruits processing plants
Sea food and meats processing plants
Freeze and cold storage requirements
Firsts in several areas including cellulosic bio-degradable sleeves for bottle caps, wide-mouth containers, aseptic containers and bags, gas cylinders, liquid filling and bottling lines...
Packaging machines - Aseptic and non aseptic- liquids + solids
Plant designs for optimisation in material balances
General engineering services and consultancy services

Some of our Clients :
Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Dabur, Ravalgaon Sugar, Colgate Palmolive, Quest, Ponds Intl., Himedia, Hindustan Lever, Ruchi Soya, Nestle, Himedia, Paper Products Ltd., RPG, Oerlikon, Parle Agro, ...
And a growing list in the Middle East, Africa and now a few in South America.